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Bespoke Steel Buildings for Residential, Commercial and Agricultural Projects

If you don’t find what you need in any of our other building lists maybe the BM Steels bespoke steel work section can offer you the perfect results. BM Steels can supply anything from single steel reinforcing beams or columns to a complete framework for your house, office, shop, factory or barn extension, whether it's refurbishment or new build. We can work from your engineering drawings or if required, BM Steels will prepare drawings and calculations for you. BM Steels can also drill, punch, plate and fabricate, so whatever you need, BM Steels bespoke services can help you.

We provide free site inspection and quotation for installation. We can also advise on any necessary ground works required. If you would like a quote or advice for your steelwork solutions please call. 01959 572501.

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