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Groundwork Services for Commercial & Industrial Projects in Kent, Essex, East & West Sussex

BM Steels provide professional groundwork services for commercial projects in Kent, Essex, East & South East London, East Sussex and West Sussex. We specialise in all aspects of groundwork, including groundwork design, borehole sampling, core sampling, piling, pad foundations, strip foundations, drainage and removal of waste materials.

Our Services:

Core Sampling & Borehole Sampling:

BM Steels offer both borehole and core sampling to obtain soil or rock samples from below the surface to provide a more detailed understanding of the site’s subsurface conditions. For borehole sampling, we drill into the ground and extract samples from various depths. For core sampling we extract cylindrical samples of soil or rock from below the surface.

Existing Groundwork Analysis:

This proces s requires a site inspection and borehole sampling. We then evaluate the foundation and substructure to determine its condition, strength and load-bearing capacity.

Groundwork Design:

BM Steels can draw up a detailed planning document of the foundations and substructure for your steel building project. As part of the design process, we take into consideration the site conditions, soil properties, load-bearing requirements, site access and environmental factors.

Pad Foundations & Strip Foundations:

Pad foundations are used to support individual columns or vertical loads using reinforced concrete at the base of the column or load. Strip foundations provide a stable concrete foundation for load-bearing walls.


Sometimes there is a need to use piling to create a stronger, more stable foundation for the structure. This method involves drilling deep holes into the ground and filling them with concrete or steel.


BM Steels have a full understanding of all aspects of a steel building projects. In terms of drainage, we can produce detailed plans and also install your new drainage systems.

Recycling & Waste Materials:

We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our work. We work with licensed recycling facilities to ensure that waste is disposed of responsibly. We also strive to recycle as much waste material as possible. All steel is sent for recycling and concrete areas are crushed and reused on the project as a sub-base.

We also provide each of our professional services individually

Groundwork piling for Kent, Essex, East

Why Choose Us:


BM Steels have years of experience in providing groundwork services, and we bring that expertise to every job we undertake.


We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality workmanship that meets the highest standards of safety and durability.

Customer Service:

BM Steels believe in building strong relationships with our customers, and we are committed to providing excellent customer service from start to finish.


One of our key priorities on any project is to ensure everyone on site complies fully with safety requirements at all times.


We work quickly and efficiently to get the job done on time and within budget, without sacrificing quality.


We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our work and prioritize recycling and waste reduction wherever possible.

All concrete waste is crushed and reused for groundworks projects in Kent, Essex, East