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Architectural, Engineering & Design Services for Commercial Projects in Kent, Essex, East & West Sussex

Since 2008, BM Steels have been providing a full steel building design services for businesses in Kent, Essex, East and West Sussex. In that time, we have designed a wide range of commercial steel applications, including warehouses, workshops, factories, commercial sheds, extensions, storage facilities, mot centres and offices. 

Our Process:

Initial Consultation & Site Visit

The first stage of the design process involves an initial consultation with clients where we go through the brief or project scope. The meeting provides an opportunity to get a fuller understanding of the project scale and client objectives, as well as determining budgets and timelines. This is usually followed by a site visit to get a better understanding of the location. We will then produce a proposal with a cost estimate.

Site Surveys:

The next phase is to carry out a set of site surveys. BM Steels provide a professional site survey service that will vary from project to project, but can include: borehole drilling, core sampling, drainage, electro-magnetic and topographical surveys, as well as WAC testing. Once we receive the results from the various site surveys, we can provide a more detailed costing and produce detailed drawings with structural calculations. 

Planning Application:

BM Steels are committed to ensuring your commercial steel building planning application is approved. Our planning application service is experienced in liaising with local authorities in Kent, Essex, East & West Sussex. We will provide preliminary drawings and design plans, making sure a project complies with local regulations and standards. We also provide support throughout the application process, including communication with the local authority in Kent, Essex or East & West Sussex, responding to any queries and making any necessary adjustments to the plans.

Building Control Application:

BM Steels can also manage your building control application. This is a process by which a local authority checks and approves the building plans, materials, and construction methods of a proposed building project to ensure it meets building regulations and is safe for use. The application includes detailed plans and specifications for the building, as well as information about the materials and methods of construction that will be used. The local authority will then review the application, ensure it complies with building regulations, and issue a building control approval notice if everything is satisfactory. This approval is necessary for your steel building project to proceed and to ensure that the finished building is safe and compliant with regulations.

We also provide each of our professional services individually

Design Services:

Detailed 2D Plan Drawings & 3D Modelling:

As part of our full design and engineering package, we will create a full set of preliminary plans and drawings to support your planning application, as well as providing more detailed engineering and structural drawings that are based on the site surveys. We also use 3D modelling to provide a visual representation of your commercial steel building project. Our team of skilled professionals use the latest software and technology to ensure accuracy and precision in every aspect of the project.

Groundwork Design:

Once the results of the relevant site surveys are received, we can produce detailed drawings and structural engineering calculations for the foundations of your steel building project, taking into consideration the site conditions, soil properties, load-bearing requirements, site access and environmental factors.

Steelwork Design:

Technical steelwork drawings are essential for building control applications in commercial steel building projects. These drawings provide detailed information on the structural steelwork required for the project, including column positions, beam sizes, connections, and fixing details. Our team ensures that these drawings meet all the relevant regulatory requirements and standards.

Cladding Design:

We also provide drawings for cladding design. This is also required for building control applications. These drawings show the type of cladding and its position on the building, as well as any fixings and connections required. All our cladding complies with the latest environmental, fire and building requirements and regulations. We can also specify choices of cladding and provide details on their insulation value.

Second Fix Design:

We also offer a full design service for second fix drawings. These detailed drawings provide internal layouts for your steel building, including: storage areas, toilets, showers, office areas, M & E services etc. This is included in our full design and engineering package, providing a complete external and internal solution.

Why Choose Us:

Full Design & Engineering Package:

BM Steels provide a comprehensive solution for your steel building project in Kent, Essex, East & West Sussex. We also provide expert project management throughout the process, from initial designs to the completion of your build.


BM Steels have years of experience in providing design services, and we bring that expertise with every job we undertake.

Customer Service:

BM Steels believe in building strong relationships with our customers, and we are committed to providing excellent customer service from start to finish.

BM Steels can draw detailed engineering plans for steel building projects in Kent, Essex, East